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Roof Cleaning In Solihull

Roof Cleaning Solihull

If you're in need of roof cleaning in Solihull, bring in the most-trusted pressure washing company in town. Squeaky Solihull is proud to offer expert roof cleaning services to Solihull homeowners.

With our patented soft wash roof cleaning service, you'll be receiving a thorough clean that uses only a fraction of the pressure used in general pressure washing. We let an alkaline cleaning solution do most of the work to avoid damaging the delicate surface of your roof with an overabundance of pressure.

When you need roof cleaning services, trust the top source of pressure washing in Solihull to deliver.

Conservatory Deep Roof Cleaning

By applying an Alkaline cleaning solution to the conservatory roof it can break down years worth of dirt! Not only do we clean the conservatory roof panels, we clean all aspects of the exterior of the conservatory. Call it a conservatory valet - our customers typically use this service once per year.

Fascia and Soffit cleaning is a great addition to this service to give your home added curb appeal! Our gutter cleaning service makes a great addition to a roof cleaning as well.

Fascia And Soffit Cleaning

We can brighten up those dull gutter faces, fascias and soffits using our specialist alkaline cleaning solution.

The chemical is applied, we leave it to sit for a few minutes and it starts to break down the dirt and grime at the same time killing the algae spores, leaving your home with brightened fascias and soffits. We clean the gutter faces with this service too!


  • £ 69.00: Terrace, fascia, soffit, and gutter faces, top and bottom, front and back
  • £ 89.00: Semi-detached, fascia, soffit, and gutter faces, top and bottom, front and back
  • £ 109.00: Detached, fascia, soffit, and gutter faces, top and bottom, front and back
  • £ 129.00: Large Detached, fascia, soffit, and gutter faces, top and bottom, front and back

* Homes with additional features, outbuildings or of unusual design and access may incur a slightly higher cost. 9/10 the prices are as above.

Conservatory Roof Deep Cleaning Prices

Our conservatory roof cleaning service is very affordable. See our prices for conservatory roof cleaning below.

  • 10 roof panels (per panel): £ 10.00
  • 10-15 roof panels (per panel): £ 8.00
  • 15-20 roof panels (per panel): £ 6.00
  • 20+ roof panels (per panel): £ 5.00

Conservatory roof panels, no matter how large or small, will count as one panel.

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