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Driveway Cleaning For Your Solihull Home

Driveway cleaning

At Squeaky Solihull we provide residential driveway and patio cleaning. Our ethos is to make things simple, that's why we have put together three easy to choose from pressure washing packages. If your driveway can fit more than 3 large family cars or simply if you're not too sure, get in touch with us today.

We have some smart software to measure driveways and patios without having to visit your home - Saving you time, no more waiting in for an appointment just to receive a quote.

For larger areas, on occasion we would need to come out to give you an estimate to assess the drainage and general condition of the surface.

This is so Squeaky Solihull can help you achieve the best results for either your Driveway Cleaning or Patio Cleaning.

Affordable Solihull Driveway Cleaning You Can Trust

As the top provider of pressure washing for Solihull, we're used to delivering major results for meagre budgets. We offer three different driveway cleaning packages, centered toward three different budget levels. Our driveway cleaning packages are as follows:


  • 1 Large Car Driveway or ≤20m2: £ 129.00
  • 2 Large Car Driveway or ≤35m2: £ 149.00
  • 3 Large Car Driveway or ≤55m2: £ 169.00
  • Over 55m2 + £ 2.00 per Square Meter


  • 1 Large Car Driveway or ≤20m2: £ 169.00
  • 2 Large Car Driveway or ≤35m2: £ 199.00
  • 3 Large Car Driveway or ≤55m2: £ 229.00
  • Over 55m2 + £ 3.00 per Square Meter


  • 1 Large Car Driveway or ≤20m2: £ 229.00
  • 2 Large Car Driveway or ≤35m2: £ 429.00
  • 3 Large Car Driveway or ≤55m2: £ 569.00
  • Over 55m2 + £ 8.50 per Square Meter

The Best Pressure Washing Services In Solihull

In addition to expert driveway cleaning, we offer several other residential pressure washing services. These services include: Roof Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning, and Window Cleaning.

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