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Brick Cleaning for Your Solihull Property

Why are my bricks dirty?

If you have ever noticed how your brickwork can look a little black and green. There is a live fungus that is growing on the surface.

The problems when cleaning brick surfaces arise when using High pressure. High-pressure cleaning is NOT the best way to clean brickwork. The high-pressure process can damage not only the brick but also the mortar holding the brickwork together.

Brick cleaning after
Brick cleaning before

So how do we clean brick safely without causing damage?

Steam cleaning

We still use a pressure washer, but because we can heat the water to a temperature well above 100c, the added heat reduces the pressure when we are cleaning delicate surfaces like brickwork and mortar jointing.

Because the power of heated water when cleaning allows us to clean the mortar at low pressure, this significantly reduces the risk of any damage to the mortar.

  • Low pressure
  • High heat
Brick cleaning steaming
Brick cleaning steaming

Soft washing

This process is to help remove organic staining.

Often used on softer surfaces like rendering, it is a common cleaning method used within the industry.

At Squeaky Solihull, we like to combine the best cleaning methods for our UK climate. We have damp and cold windows, which creates an ideal environment for algae and fungus to grow on the brick faces.

On the most stubborn stains, we pre-treat the brick surfaces to allow us to clean the surface with ease.

As a secondary measure to ensure your brickwork stays cleaner for longer, we apply a softwash solution directly to the bricks.

This removes any organic growth from the surface, stopping any algae and mold spores from repopulating the surface, which helps keep your home cleaner for longer.

  • Low pressure
  • Long lasting clean
Brick cleaning soft washing after
Brick cleaning soft washing before

To remove lighter fungus from brickwork, we use only steam cleaning. Often this is enough to remove the staining. Many homes bricks have never been cleaned… EVER! The example below is from a 50-year-old home!

Brick cleaning old
Brick cleaning old
Brick cleaning old

If you would like Squeaky Solihull to help you with any of your exterior cleaning projects, please contact us today.

We love what we do and can’t wait to clean your home.

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